DIC insurance (Difference in Conditions) for wildfire-exposed risks.

  • The only true stand-alone DIC insurance program, designed from the ground-up as a new Difference in Conditions policy
  • All occupancies supported
  • Dwelling limits up to $3 million available
  • Personal liability limits up to $500,000
  • Complements the coverage provided by your client’s California FAIR Plan or equivalent policy
  • Evacuation Reimbursement coverage included for all primary homes
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage available
  • Numerous discounts and coverage options available

Individual product coverage, limitations and exclusions may vary by state.  Not all products available in all states.

Aegis General is pleased to offer an alternative to home warranty plans. Equipment Breakdown coverage is now available through your Aegis DIC Insurance Policy. Whether you are a renter or a high-value homeowner, we have your equipment breakdown exposures covered. Learn More

  • Aegis General’s integrated dwelling valuation tool for single-family homes helps clients get just the right amount of coverage for their homes. A full dwelling valuation report is provided at binding.
  • Real-time data integration throughout the quote process provides accurate wildfire hazard, roof exposure and loss experience assessments.
  • Point-of-sale underwriting alerts advise of additional items that may be needed at the time of policy issuance, reducing stress and eliminating post-bind underwriting surprises.
home with wildfire exposed risks; DIC insurance

DIC Insurance

At Aegis General, we provide the only true stand-alone DIC insurance program in the market.  This means you don’t have to meet the typical underwriting criteria of a full homeowners program.  Our program was designed from the ground-up to support DIC (Difference in Conditions) policies.  As a companion to a FAIR Plan or equivalent policy, we support all occupancies and dwelling values of up to $3,000,000.  The coverage in an Aegis DIC policy complements the fire and other perils provided by a California FAIR Plan or equivalent policy.  And, just like all of our programs, the Aegis DIC program is available via our real-time online quoting and policy issuance platform.

In the admitted marketplace, the California FAIR Plan provides insurance coverage for specific perils, including fire, when coverage is not otherwise available in the admitted marketplace. The FAIR Plan utilizes a Named Peril DP-1 policy form that provides coverage on an actual cash value (ACV) basis, with several options to enhance coverage to replacement cost, as well as to add more named perils. In addition to the coverage gaps that exist between a DP1 and a typical HO3 policy, the FAIR Plan also does not provide any Section II (personal liability) coverage options.

The Aegis DIC policy helps fill the coverage gaps that exist between a FAIR Plan or similar policy and a typical DP3, HO3, HO4 or HO6 policy (yes, we support DIC coverage for renters and condo owners as well!).  Whatsmore, the Aegis DIC program provides all the convenience you expect from a standard homeowners program:

  • Burglar alarm and other discounts;
  • Customer loyalty credits at qualifying renewals;
  • Equipment breakdown coverage; and
  • Even a coverage unique to Aegis that reimburses your client for a mandatory wildfire evacuation if the FAIR Plan or equivalent policy provides no Loss of Use coverage.

Experience the Difference with Aegis!

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Fire, internal explosion & smoke (included).

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For an additional premium, extended coverage (windstorm, hail, explosion, riot or civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles, and volcanic eruption) and vandalism or malicious mischief may be added to the policy.

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Water damage, collapse, theft & liability. DIC insurance is designed to fill in gaps in insurance coverage. It provides expanded coverage for some perils that are not covered by the FAIR plan policy.

complete coverage with DIC


Automatically renews each year, no need to re-quote risk at every renewal.