May 29, 2020

As California eases into Stage 2 of the statewide shelter-in-place, Aegis General is extending its insurance relief efforts to assist producers and policyholders alike.

First, the 60-day grace period for reinstating policies that lapse due to non-payment has been extended through July 14th.  If you or your client have a policy lapse solely due to non-payment, we are happy to provide up to 60-days for the policy to be reinstated with no lapse in coverage.  In addition, we have several payment plan options available to further ease any financial strain.

Second, the COVID-19 Relief Credit that is being applied to our motorcycle insurance policies has also been extended through the month of May.  In June, customers will see the credit applied to their policies.  No action is needed, the 12% credit for the period from March 17th thru May 31st is being applied to all motorcycle policies automatically.

Third, we continue to advise our producers of policies that are pending cancellation for non-payment of premium.  Our sales team has been active in forwarding these notices directly to your email so you can assist your clients with taking advantage of grace period and payment options we have made available.  We know you recognize the potential financial strain that could be placed on your clients if they suffer a loss and don’t have insurance, and we will continue to work with you to make it as easy as possible for your clients to retain important insurance protection.

Last, our inspectors continue to follow social-distancing and local guidelines when inspecting homes.  This includes conducting exterior-only inspections of all homes.  Additionally, should one of your clients need our claims expertise, our examiners are working directly with policyholders to ensure all parties stay safe and comfortable with the claims process.

We truly appreciate your business and the trust that you and your clients have placed in us.  We will continue to do our best to earn that trust every day.  Stay safe and healthy.